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Reliable Boiler Services in Langley and Surrey


It is essential to contact a professional boiler company with skilled experts when it comes to the proper maintenance and service of your boiler. Raye-Van Enterprises Inc's boiler experts have been offering boiler services in Langley since 1993. We've worked on all brands and models of residential and commercial boilers over that period, so when it comes to your boiler, we have the knowledge and experience to guarantee that your boiler installation, repairs and maintenance are done correctly the first time. 


Maintaining and repairing your home's boiler regularly ensures its efficiency and safety. It can assist in keeping your boiler functioning during the chilly winter months. Throughout the winter, you rely on your home's boiler to keep your family warm and comfortable. Raye-Van Enterprises Inc's courteous and dependable professionals can ensure that you don't have a boiler malfunction in the middle of the night.


If this unfortunate incident happens, you can contact Raye-Van Enterprises Inc for emergency boiler repair services.

Boilers Repair

Our professionals will be able to determine the issue with your boiler, whether it is completely broken or simply not working properly. Once our professionals have determined the source of the problem, they will assist you in selecting a repair that will fulfil your urgent needs while remaining within your budget.


A broken boiler can pose a serious threat to your home or company, so please contact us as soon as possible if you see any of the following signs:

Gas or different odours
Loud or violent noises
Signs of leaking
Unusually poor heating ability

Boilers Installation

Don't worry if you want to install a new boiler heating system in your house but aren't sure where to begin; Raye-Van Enterprises Inc will send qualified heating professional to assist you. When the specialist arrives, they will thoroughly inspect your home to verify that it is suitable for the boiler. Our boiler specialist will present you with various alternatives for the best heating solution for your home.

Boilers Cleaning

It is necessary to clean the boiler to ensure that the carbon monoxide levels are safe. Make an appointment for your boiler cleaning now. Our boiler service technicians are highly trained and experienced. Our promise to you is that you will have a safe and clean boiler. Do not wait until the ground freezes to schedule your maintenance call; schedule it now. Cleaning a boiler is best done in May or June and no later than the fall. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.

Boilers Maintenance

Every customer should have their new boiler serviced every year. As per our experts at Raye-Van Enterprises Inc, basic system maintenance should be conducted regularly to keep your boiler unit in excellent working order and functioning safely and effectively. Raye-Van Enterprises Inc can be trusted to give Langley residents the best boiler maintenance services since it is one of the area’s most renowned, qualified, and experienced names. The optimum time to schedule boiler maintenance is during the end of the summer or the beginning of the fall season and before you begin to use your system for the season.


Boiler System Showing Signs of Meltdown?

Our expert technicians can diagnose and repair your boiler quickly.

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