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About Raye-Van Enterprises Inc in Langley and Surrey

Raye-Van Enterprises Inc has been servicing Langley since 1993. We provide top-standard heating and cooling services, including installation, repair and complete maintenance. Our HVAC professionals are qualified and ready to handle any needs you may have, such as air conditioner repairs, boiler installations, furnace maintenance and more!


If you need a new heating system or air conditioners, we have incredibly efficient equipment that will save you a lot of money on your monthly utility expenses. Our commitment to maintain our integrity makes us a trustworthy choice for your HVAC requirements.


Our professionals have deep insight into HVAC systems, and we will undertake complete diagnostics to resolve your issues. We are familiar with the local weather and your HVAC systems’ particular care since we operate locally. We make every effort to educate you on cooling and heating equipment care and maintenance. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information at 604-530-0063. We are available on call.

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